Women caught by police dog after alcohol theft

Police Dog 'Bear' tracked down two women earlier this week, after they stole alcohol from a Bluff Point bottle shop, Police say.

At about 9 pm on 11 September 2013, two women attended a bottle shop in Bluff Point.

Police say the women each removed a carton of Jim Beam cans and left the store.

The store attendant chased the females and in their haste to get away, one female threw a carton away on the road, however they managed to escape still in possession of one of the cartons.

The police K9 vehicle attended and police dog “Bear” patrolled the area, locating the two females hiding in the immediate area a short time later, still in possession of the second carton.

Bear’s handler, Senior Constable CAMPBELL, took the offenders into custody without incident and recovered the carton.

Police also report that whilst in custody a small amount of cannabis was located on one of the female offenders.

A 32 year old female from Midvale has been charged with stealing and possession of cannabis whilst a 19 year old female from Spalding has also been charged with stealing.

They will face court at a date yet to be determined.