Plane crash at airport

More Info as it comes to hand.

Appears to be a survivor at this stage. Plane is absolutely mangled.

Looks as though it was coming in for a landing.

Male person taken to hospital in Ambulance.

Police have said it does appear plane was coming in for landing.

A resident passing by says he saw smoke and thought "a plane may have crashed" and came to scene.

We've just uploaded some raw footage. Apologies for quality.

Police have stated they believe that just the pilot was on board, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Police have confirmed that just the pilot was on board.
Crash occurred at 3:55pm.

Police forensic team has arrived to assist with investigation.

Police say the cause is yet to be determined.

Another plane has just landed at Geraldton airport. Appears airport is open for use.

It appears at this stage according to reports that the two other people taken to hospital were folks that assisted in getting the pilot out of the wreckage.