Everything Real Estate

by Dave Rawlingson and Janette Brennan

How is the market going? Are properties selling?

Questions we hear multiple times a day. The reality is that to sell your home in a reasonable time frame, you need to listen to what the market is saying. Be it a strong or weak market, in the end it all comes down to price.

Yes it’s the dreaded price talk that home owners don’t like to have. Let me ask you a question, why is this talk so dreaded?

Think about when you go shopping down town. Do you buy something that you believe to be over priced? Unless you’re Bill Gates, probably not. Property is no different.

Consider the cost of holding your property on the market. You will have holding costs such as land rates, water rates, maintenance, interest on your home loan and insurance to pay which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars over a period of time.

Pricing and marketing are extremely important when listing your property for sale. In addition the first four weeks of any marketing campaign are critical to finding your prospective buyer. You may need to consider a price adjustment or another method of sale (which we will cover next week).

To answer the questions above, the market is slightly subdued at the moment and YES properties are selling…if the price is right!

“Sellers need to be mindful of the pressure in the market place on price” - Ian Wheatland.

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