Reminder about cat registrations

A reminder to cat owners of Geraldton to start preparing for new requirements to get cats registered.

The new laws come into play November, and the CGG council expect to have forms to be able to register your cat mid October.

Each cat will be required to be sterilised and microchipped as well, and must wear a tag in a public place.

We spoke with the friendly people at Midwest Veterinary Centre to get a rough idea of the costs involved.

To sterilise your feline friend will cost $210 for a female and $150 male. Microchipping costs $65. Pensioner and health care card holders can get a discount.

To spread the costs of registering your cat, sterilising and Microchipping it may be worth getting what you can done now rather than have to fork out the entire expense come November.

The new laws are being introduced state wide as part of an effort to reduce the massive amount of cats that have to sadly be destroyed each year. Last year just at the cat haven in Perth, over 3800 cats had to be euthanised.

Cat owners found not to be compliant with these new requirements may face fines of up to $5000.

Update - The CGG Council have advised the following costs regarding registrations:

Cats over the age of 6 Months:

1 year $20.00

3 Years $42.50

Life time registration $100.00

Pensioners 50% of fees

After 31 May – 31 October 50% of the fee.

All cats must be sterilised and micro chipped.

Fee for application for grant or renewal of approval to breed cats $100.00 per breeding cat (M) or (f).



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