Finally somewhere to recycle your plastic

Many people can remember when they first moved to Geraldton. The anticipation of a new city. Checking out the awesome beaches. Working out where to get a good coffee from. Finding a nice home to rent or buy. And then moving into that home and wondering where all the bins have gone.  

And then the shock to discover that they weren't missing their recycling or green waste bins... we don't have them in Geraldton.  

One local company has decided instead of complaining or waiting for the council to do something, to take action themselves. 

Residents contact Everything Geraldton on a regular basis asking where they can recycle their plastic, and they will be now very pleased to hear there is an answer. 

Rip-It are primarily a secure document and software destruction company that initially had no thoughts of heading in the direction of Plastic recycling.

Matt Giltrow, owner of Rip-It, says it was early last year when he went to Perth for a meeting with a recycling company in regards to his shredded paper processing that he saw they processed plastic as well.

"So we are now in the early stages of offering our 1100 litre bins (for a low handling fee) to businesses around Geraldton for the disposal of their shrink wrapping, bubble wrapping and bulk furniture plastic coverings for recycling."

Householders like you and I are able to drop off our plastic bottles (with a 1 or 2 on them) to the depot at 295 Place Rd, or the bin at the side of All Decor on the NWC Hwy FREE OF CHARGE. Matt Giltrow says he acknowledges this may be just a small service at the moment, but is Rip-It Security Shredding’s way of contributing to the local community.

Matt said, "As the word spreads through Geraldton hopefully so will the cages. The reasoning behind the charges to the businesses for the 1100l bins is that we solely cop all costs involved with transport to Perth, processing etc. Hopefully this will be an ongoing service that we will be able offer to the Geraldton community."

Businesses that would like to have a plastic recycling bin at their store are asked to contact Rip-It Security Shredding on 99645898 or 0419 045 091. You can reach them by email or visit their website:



Jason Smith

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