Fracking proposed for the Midwest

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has confirmed it is reviewing a proposal by AWE (visit their website) to undertake drilling and fracking on farmland just outside Lesueur National Park. 

Many farmers in the region have been asked to sign agreements that will allow gas explorers onto their land. 

Lesueur National Park is very popular wildflower country, and located near Jurien Bay.

Community and environmental groups have called on the government in WA to stop all fracking until the full effect on the environment is known, but the Western Australian government has decided to allow exploration to continue. 

There is however, currently a parliamentary inquiry being carried out investigating the effects of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas, in WA.

Local group Frack Free Geraldton has been campaigning strongly in Geraldton and the Midwest to stop fracking, and has enjoyed a lot of support from the wider community. (Visit their Facebook page)