Geraldton people are among most obese in Australia

People from Geraldton and the Midwest are extremely overweight according to a report released today. 

74% of the population in the Midwest and Goldfields are either overweight or obese, making our area one of the worst in the country, and indeed the world. The western area of NSW was the worst in Australia, with 79% of the population being overweight. 

WA as a whole, according to the report from the National Health Performance Authority, shows 65% of the population is overweight. 

The report shows that the rate of adults who were overweight or obese increased with geographic remoteness and lower socioeconomic status.

But even 54% of adults in the wealthiest areas are overweight or obese. 

Even more shocking is that more people in the Midwest are rated as obese (39%) than just overweight (35%).

Click here to download the report in full.