Ellendale Pool history on display

A group of dedicated people braved the warm weather and friendly flies to gather at Ellendale Pool on Monday to celebrate the importance of this popular tourist spot with newly-installed interpretive signage.

The City of Greater Geraldton’s Interpretive Signage Project recognises and celebrates the importance that Ellendale Pool has played in both the Aboriginal and European history of the use of this tranquil site as a meeting place.

With the recent development of the Wildflower Way, a joint initiative between the City of Greater Geraldton and the Shires of Dalwallinu, Morawa, Mullewa, and Perenjori, progress is being made to promote and highlight the many other attractions in Wildflower Country not purely Wildflower related, and this fits the bill.

City Mayor, Ian Carpenter, who launched the signage, said the artistic steel “sculptures” and interpretive panels on the Wildflower Way represent some of the people and stories that relate to the different sites.

“Signs like this are important to areas such as this as it acknowledges the history of the site as a meeting place for Aboriginal groups, right through to European usage as a meeting place,” he said.

“The City recognised this project as an excellent opportunity to work in partnership with local Aboriginal groups and I commend the Geraldton Regional Library Heritage Services staff for the collection of oral histories that made this project possible.”

Amangu Elder, Robert Ronan, who did the Welcome to Country, was instrumental in collecting oral histories from the Amangu. Other groups’ oral histories and acknowledgement are Naaguja, with thanks to Yvonne Radcliffe, Keith Councillor, Derek Councillor, and Kelvin, Gavin and Mahalia Councillor; and Wajarri Yamatji, Leedham Papertalk Snr. Copies of these Oral Histories and transcripts are available at the library.

The signs tell the story of Bimarra the water serpent and about his presence at the pool.

Local historian Gary Martin provided a European perspective on the history of the use of Ellendale Pool and the signs were designed by Stephanie Burro.

Former Councillors John Sewell and Neil Bennett along with Tom Hartman, Ric McCracken, John Oliver, Ian Hollins, Tamara Murdoch and Brett Brennan were all involved in the early planning stages.



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