Yet more dog attacks - Rangers issue warning to dog owners

Everything Geraldton received another report during the week of livestock in the Woorree area being attacked by dogs. 

The City of Greater Geraldton Ranger Department is concerned at the escalating number of dog attacks in the region in recent months and is seeking help from the community to reduce incidences.

City Manager of Community Law and Safety, Konrad Seidl, said most attacks have been due to the complacency of dog owners and reminds them of their responsibilities.

“Dog attacks can cause a lot of physical and mental trauma to those affected,” he said.

“The City has recently had cases of dog attacks on people, dogs, cats and livestock. All of these cases have caused heartache in this community.

“Dog owners need to be more vigilant and simple measures taken by owners can mitigate the risk of a dog attack,” said Mr Seidl.

He said measures such as making sure fencing is adequate to keep dogs contained in your property; keeping a dog on a leash and/or (in the case of an off leash area) under control; and exercising and caring for your dog go a long way to avoiding the incidence of a dog attack.

“Apart from the possible consequences of injury or death to animals or people, the reality is if there is a dog attack the Rangers will conduct an investigation,” said Mr Seidl.

“If there is enough evidence the case will proceed to court.

“In recent cases fines have been up to $2,000 and costs are imposed on top of this. A maximum penalty for a dog attack is $10,000,” he said.

“This can be avoided if the community works with us, united in an effort to keep Greater Geraldton safe.”



Jason Smith

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