Stolen vehicle ends upside down at Utakarra IGA carpark

A white Commodore is upside down at Utakarra IGA after reportedly being involved in a pursuit.

Emergency services are at the scene and the road is clear.

The Commodore had been stolen at around 11am this morning (Sat 9 Nov), and the home where the vehicle was stolen from was also robbed at the same time.  

The owner of the vehicle said he was quite disappointed as he had only purchased the 07 Model Commodore in May of this year.  

As can be seen in the photographs, damage was done to a number of bollards at the front of the store, and an Australia Post letterbox was cleaned up too. 

The owners of Utakarra IGA were grateful that amazingly the vehicle did not crash into the store at all. They remained at the scene keeping the store's lights on to assist Police. 

Anyone who may have any information about the theft of the vehicle or other info that could assist investigators should contact local police. 9923 4555.  

10/11/13 - Update - Charges have now been laid.  

Three juveniles were taken into custody following the crash. A 14 year old boy has been charged with failing to stop, reckless driving, failing to stop in circumstances of aggravation, having no authority to drive, stealing a motor vehicle and reckless driving. 

The 15 year old girl was charged with stealing a motor vehicle.