Wayne Lynch surfing movie coming to Geraldton - UNCHARTED WATERS

The story of Australian surf legend Wayne Lynch will finally come to life on the big screen in a new documentary UNCHARTED WATERS.

A number of special event screenings are set across the country, Geraldton it will screen at Orana Cinemas Geraldton on Wednesday the 4th December at 6.30pm.

Tickets for regional screenings will be available from Orana Cinemas. 

ONE NIGHT ONLY 4th of December @6:30 There are 185 tickets available. Adult price $22.00 and Child/Concession $17.00 

Contact Number: 99650568

Following on from a number of sold out festival appearances including the Melbourne International Film Festival, New Zealand Film Festival and more recently the Adelaide Film Festival, West Australian audiences will now have the opportunity to see the film at these special event screenings.

Director, writer and producer of UNCHARTED WATERS Craig Griffin commented, “We are extremely excited to be taking the film to audiences around the country. The special event screenings will give the audience the chance to gain a rare insight into Wayne’s story, as well as having the chance to meet and interact with him in person. It’s been a long journey and to be able to see the final product in cinemas is incredibly rewarding”.

UNCHARTED WATERS stars Wayne Lynch, Gerry Lopez "Mr Pipeline", Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew and Peter “PT” Townend. The film was written, directed and produced by Craig Griffin.

Wayne Lynch burst onto the Australian surfing scene in the 1960s and rode a wave like no one else. He opened up fresh possibilities with a radically new vertical style. He was a champion, a draft dodger, a hippie, an outsider, a revolutionary, a messiah, an environmentalist, a victim, a wild man, a pauper and an enigma. He tested himself against the big waves and produced something beautiful and exhilarating and elegant in the process.

If you've ever surfed, or if you appreciate the sheer grace of a board rider racing down the face of a big wave, this biography of one of Australia's legends will make your heart beat that little bit faster and have you longing for the freedom, beauty and simplicity of a wave and a board.


“He (Wayne) is a real hero to me...He was the first surfer to care about more than just surfing”. Tim Winton – Award winning author

“Wayne Lynch is one of the greatest talents of all time... I saw Wayne surfing down the point – it just stopped us in our tracks.....This is a guy who is God to us”. Peter Townend – World Champion Surfer

“The myth of Wayne – it’s one of the most enduring myths in surfing”. Sam George – Writer/Surfer/Film- Maker

“Wayne was the best surfer in the world when he was 18...It was like there was nothing more to go for – he’d already won 4 Australian Junior Titles...there was nothing more to prove...so he just went surfing...”. Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew – World Champion Surfer