Gaming for Charity!

The Geraldton Gamers Guild are running a special gaming night that will support the local Geraldton Foodbank. 

A Foodmachine charity event is going to be held on December 1st at the Geraldton Cultural Trust.

What is Foodmachine?

Foodmachine is a charity event in support of a local food bank/pantry. The event features a table- top miniatures tournament using the popular Warmachine and Hordes game systems. As an entry fee, players bring donations of canned goods to donate to the local food bank/pantry. A unique tournament format is used to encourage donations during the event. Privateer Press, the creators of the Warmachine and Hordes game systems and miniature lines, provides unique award support for the event including special prizes for the most generous donor. Additionally, a traveling trophy is awarded to the location that hosts the most successfully event in terms of goods donated. Foodmachine is international in scope with charity tournaments happening all across the globe annually from November through December.

What is a table-top miniatures game?

A table-top miniatures game is a game that pits two players in a simulated battle using metal miniatures to represent various creatures, heroic soldiers, and powerful machines of war. The game is played on a table with three dimensional scale scenery that represents hills, trees and other battlefield features. Dice are used to determine the success or failure of actions upon the table-top battlefield.

Table-top miniature games also include a hobby aspect as players must assemble and paint their miniatures for use in the game. Warmachine and Hordes are award-winning and compatible table- top miniatures games by Privateer Press.