What are my watering days in Geraldton

With the current water restrictions in place, it pays to remember what days you're allowed to water your lawns in Geraldton. 

Avoid a fine by sticking to the rules, and of course, save water. 

As you may know, your allocated days are based on the last number of your house number. If you don't have a street address, it goes by lot number. 

House or lot number ending in: 

  • 0 - Monday and Friday
  • 1 - Wednesday and Saturday
  • 2 - Sunday and Thursday
  • 3 - Monday and Friday
  • 4 - Tuesday and Saturday
  • 5 - Wednesday and Sunday
  • 6 - Monday and Thursday
  • 7 - Tuesday and Friday
  • 8 - Wednesday and Saturday
  • 9 - Sunday and Thursday 

Times - Sprinklers can only be used either before 9am or after 6pm on days allocated.

Certain activities are no longer permitted, like hosing your driveway. 

Check out the Water Corp website for more info:  http://www.watercorporation.com.au/save-water/watering-days