Mystery as to why light pole fell down

Around 4:00pm this afternoon, (Tues 10 Dec 2013), a light pole on Cathedral Avenue "fell down" according to witnesses. 

People at the scene said it came close to hitting a vehicle, and made quite a noise when it fell. 

But what exactly prompted its fall is of some concern and mystery. 

It doesn't appear that the pole was struck, and while the last two days have been quite windy, it certainly wasn't storm weather. 

Some community members questioned whether the bottom had rusted and lost strength. The pole does sit on a median strip surrounded by reticulated lawn.

Cathedral Ave runs North-South, copping a lot of the southerly winds that Geraldton is known for.   

The pole was removed quite quickly with minimal disruption to traffic. 

We've reached out to Western Power to see if they can shed any light on the reason for the light pole's collapse, and will update with any information they provide.