Mother has shopping stolen whilst being threatened with stabbing

A Geraldton woman yesterday had her shopping stolen from the Woolworth's car park according to reports. *Update: The carpark is managed by the City of Greater Geraldton. 

The suspects allegedly threatened to stab the woman if she tried anything.

The woman, who was quite shaken up after the ordeal, also had her young son with her at the time.

Security cameras are being inspected for suspects, but unfortunately no outside cameras are installed.

The woman said it was a horrifying moment, but she was only worried about her scared baby. She also might try online shopping now.

The woman's husband warned other residents to be careful when loading up their cars while stocking up for Christmas.

There were four alleged attackers, suspects are described as three females and a male. The incident occurred around 4pm yesterday (Monday 16/12/13). 

If you witnessed the incident or can provide any information please contact Police on 99234555.


Jason Smith

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