EPIRB Safety Alert

If you're into boats, or know someone who is, make sure you've checked out your EPIRB to see if it's one of these recalled models.

Australian manufacturer GME has issued a safety alert after becoming aware of faulty microprocessors in their products. 

They stated: 

"As a result of market place feedback Standard Communications Pty Ltd has become aware of a small number of instances where GME EPIRBs have failed the self test procedure. A consequence of such failure may mean the EPIRB will not operate in an emergency situation."

"Subsequent testing and investigation in the company’s Sydney engineering laboratory, identified a microprocessor malfunction that effectively shuts the beacon down, hence the self test failure."

"Detailed analysis has shown that the failures have occurred in EPIRBs manufactured in the 2005 – 2010 period; to date the overall failure rate remains low, never the less as a responsible supplier of safety at sea equipment, Standard Communications Pty Ltd has in consultation with National Maritime Authorities voluntarily elected to publish this precautionary safety alert. "


Models impacted: GME MT400, GME MT401, GME MT406G, GME MT401FF, GME MT403/G and GME MT403FF/FG 

Click here to download a pdf of the safety alert. 


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