How to protect all those precious photos

(Note: This is not an advertisement. We've had people report the loss of their precious memories this holiday period after computers and devices have been stolen, thus a timely reminder to preserve those memories seems in order.)

We all know we need to back up our phones and computers. 

But the sad truth is, hardly anyone does. 

And most people that do backup, often just back up to an external drive or another device inside our homes.

While this is handy in the event of a computer malfunction, it doesn't help if you get your computer and accessories stolen or damaged by fire or flood.  

With smartphone cameras getting better and better, and the fact that they're always with us, lots of us are SWIMMING in digital memories. 

If you want to keep all those precious memories safe, it pays to backup your computer to an external location, often referred to as the cloud. 

There are a lot of products out there that help you do this. 

One solution is called Backblaze:

Basically, all you do is install a piece of software onto your computer, and pay a small fee each month. 

Then all your data, photos, documents etc get backed up to the cloud without you having to do anything. 

It happens in the background, and each time you add a photo or file, it makes the necessary changes. 

You can even access your documents from a web browser on another computer or smartphone wherever you have internet access. 

If you're like most people, and don't remember to manually back up your pictures, but would be devastated if you lost them all, get on to it.

(NB: Don't use Facebook as a tool to save your pictures. Facebook does not store the image in its original quality, and shrinks it to save them space.)