Back on the road again

Yesterday, Everything Geraldton was inundated with reports of a driver hooning around Geraldton. The vehicle as a small white Barina hatch back with a smashed rear windscreen and a very shaky rear wheel, that looks like it's about to come off.

Thankfully, the police finally caught up with the driver after many people spotted the vehicle hooning around Geraldton and rang it in.

The Police pulled the vehicle over near the cinema.

According to one witness, after the Police left a person returned to the vehicle, removed the sticker that had been applied, and drove off.

Today we have been receiving reports again of the vehicle around town, including just a few moments ago a report of it hooning again in Greenough.

Please avoid this vehicle if you spot it, as the driver has been reported multiple times driving in a very erratic manner.

Police have the registration details of the vehicle. But if you see the vehicle hooning, please contact the police again.

One witness, who wants to remain anonymous, shared the details of her close call today.

"I had to phone the police after 3 today when the white car nearly ran me off the road on Woorree Lane. Very frightening experience for my child. He is going to kill someone at this rate!"