Special Request - Can you help find Scooby

Special Request:

Dylan posted-

Hi guys...for those who attend SNAP FITNESS Geraldton...my little man Leo used the crèche on thursday lunch whilst I attended Bodypump and took his best buddy a very beloved pillowpet named Scooby along with him.

Sadly we have discovered Scooby is missing and after retracing his steps we now have come 2 realise he has definitely been left behind at creche. Scooby is a very important part of my boy's life....a sidekicked that has been through everything with Leo including his current battle with Leukaemia

Can I pls ask that anyone who has found Scooby in the creche/ tv room at Snap please put him aside safely for me to collect asap. Leo is very distraught without him and I am myself upset to think he has lost his best friend and comfort.

I know many are thinking he is just a soft toy that belongs to a little boy but he is very very dear to our son. He has been alongside Leo through every chemo treatment, operation and tear that he has shed during his battle. Im really praying he comes home soon as I know he forms a very big part of Leo's spirit during his fight. Thanks to everyone who has shared this or is on the look out for him.

I took a drive down last night n checked the tv room/ creche but no Scooby to be seen anywhere. I do hope the girls have placed him safely aside under lock n key for me to collect n that another member's child hasnt claimed him. Pls can every1 keep an eye out for him...his sentimental value is immeasurable and it would mean everything to Leo to have him back in time to accompany him to Perth this week for his next round of chemo. Pls call 0427 967 380 or 99383974 if he pops up n we'll b there straight away 2 grab him x