Who was this mystery hero?

It wasn't yet summer in 2013, and Lyn Privett was at a property she owned in Critch Place Wonthella getting the home ready for sale. Her husband had been chopping branches and had asked Lyn go to rake up some leaves. "I'm not sure what the date was," says Lyn, "but it was probably late September. I was picking up some leaves and then all of a sudden I saw a small snake, about 6 inches in length. I couldn't get my hand away quick enough and it bit me on the webbing between my fingers."

Lyn recalls not worrying too much about the bite. "I decided just to drive home to my place in Woorree. But as I was heading home along the highway, I started to feel very sick."

Lyn stopped the car and got out, on the highway south of Bunnings.

She says she started being violently sick and throwing up everywhere.

"A young bloke pulled up in a work ute and helped me out. I got in his car, but that's all I remember. The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital."

"About six hours later after being given anti venom at the hospital, I got a taxi to where I had pulled over to retrieve my car, but it wasn't there."

Lyn thought perhaps it had been taken away as it was blocking traffic, so she got the taxi to take her home.

To her complete surprise, when she arrived home there was the vehicle.

"It was just sitting in my driveway with my handbag and keys and everything was there."

There was no note, and Lyn to this day has no idea who the mystery helper was, but she would love to get in touch with him.

"He must have dropped me at the hospital, gone and checked my address from my handbag, driven the car to my house, and got someone to pick him up."

Lyn says she is so grateful the young man stopped and helped, and that it could easily have been someone who would have taken advantage of her condition. But nothing was stolen, and the helper went way beyond the call of duty.

She recalls the ute being a work ute, white with two doors, and smelling like oil.

"I may have even thrown up in the poor guys ute."

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