NBN reaches more of Geraldton

NBN fibre is now available in Beachlands, Rangeway, Utakarra, Geraldton and Karloo. Woorree, Deepdale and parts of Woorree, Narngulu and Beresford are set to come in very soon.

Areas in Geraldton such as Sunset Beach, Drummonds, Spalding, Mount Tarcoola, Tarcoola Beach and Mahomets are yet to receive the fibre connection and local business Node1 says they are unsure of when the NBN will available in those areas.

“It will be highly unlikely that the NBN will come to areas like Drummonds anytime soon but we might see some updates to the other areas later in the year” said Node1’s Shane Bishop.

“There is still work being done on the areas but there has been no official word as to when they will be ready.”

Shane said that with the influx of the new areas, people had been quick to get onto the NBN.

“The first NBN release area was quite modest with sign ups but these new areas have been extremely popular.”

With the change over in Government, there is still revisions in place regarding the areas that haven’t received the fibre yet.

But Shane said Geraldton had been very lucky.

“We were lucky to receive fibre to the premise whereas some areas only have fibre to the node,” he said.

“We were in the first rollout area and if people are connected to NBN they really are receiving the best of the best in internet speeds.”

If you live in the listed areas and would like an NBN Fibre service connected soon, call Node1 on 9964 5464.