Residents take to the streets in a bid against crime

Close to 400 Geraldton residents took to the streets this morning to march against crime.

Local community group Geraldton Residents Demand Our Streets Back gathered and walked down Foreshore Drive in a bid against local crime.

Led by police escorts, Ian Blayney MLA attended the march accepting a signed petition from group founder Rod Moat.

Rod thanked those who attended saying the group had made their point.

"We want judges to come down harder on the perpetrators," Rod said.

"But the police are doing a great job."

Mr Blayney said he understands the group's concerns.

"I'm here to listen," he said.

"We have to work with police on the issue, we can't do it alone.

"In the next week or two I will hopefully have the minister here for you to talk to."

Rod finished the march saying, "let's make Geraldton a safer place to live."