Preserving the beauty in Drummond Cove

Drummond Cove residents and five designers from CoDesign Studio have been working on a plan to design a foreshore for the area.

The team have been here since Saturday and have been hosting events to engage the community and find out what they would like to see on their foreshore.

Team leader Hugh Adamson said yesterday that the response from the community had been very constructive.

“Generally speaking, people are excited about this opportunity," he said.

The team will undergo a series of workshops with the community before submitting a plan on Saturday night.

“We had nearly 60 people here at the launch which consisted of older Drummond Cove residents as well as families from new Drummond Cove,” Hugh said.

“And the general feel is that they want the beauty of this location to be preserved.”

Hugh said the location was the driving force behind the project.

“The Drummond Cove community is a very strong one and it is the location that is driving the sense of value that they want to preserve,” he said.

“So far the general feel is that people don’t want any stainless steel, high colour over the top stuff, they want it to remain a natural low key place where people can keep their connection with nature and the sea.”

If you would like to have your say, here’s what you can attend at Drummond Cove’s Batten Hall this week:

Tuesday Feb 4th 3pm-5pm: Community Visioning Workshop

Thursday Feb 6th 6pm-9pm: Participatory Design Workshop

Saturday Feb 8th 7pm-9pm: Presentation to Community and feedback session.