The benefits of an apprenticeship in the building industry

This is the time of year when young people who have finished their secondary schooling start exploring their job and career options. Master Builders Regional Manager Di Gilleland tells us about the benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship in the building industry. Graduating from high school is one of the most exciting and scary experiences you will go through. For most high school students graduating means it’s time to work out what you are going to do with your life after school and what career do you choose? Do you choose to study at university or do you go straight into the workforce? A choice that will set you up with skills for the rest of your life is an apprenticeship in the building and construction industry.

An apprenticeship is a formal commitment to complete a three to four year period of training in a particular trade such as carpentry, brick and blocklaying, painting, plastering, wall and floor tiling and so on. An apprenticeship is mainly spent learning in a workplace-based setting and some time spent training at TAFE or with a private training provider.

Apprentices are getting paid to learn which means they have most of the same rights and responsibilities as other employees. A completed apprenticeship in construction usually will result in a nationally recognised Certificate III qualification. This can lead to opportunities for the apprentices to either start their own subcontractor business or work as an employee for a contractor. But the best thing is that they will come out a skilled tradesperson.

The great thing about doing an apprenticeship is that you can earn while you learn and develop a skill that can be used anywhere in Australia or around the world.

To start an apprenticeship you usually need to have reasonable grades in Maths and English, some form of exposure to the industry, like work experience from school or a pre-apprenticeship

It is pleasing to see more females starting an apprenticeship in the building industry.

The building and construction industry is such a varied industry and is the third largest employer in WA. This industry will offer an apprentice a wide range of opportunities for their future financial security and a skill that will open many doors for job prospects.

Parents can help their children transition to full-time construction work by encouraging self-motivation, a positive attitude to learning, a healthy lifestyle (including regular sleep patterns) and resilience to short-term challenges.

If you would like to find out how your son or daughter can become an apprentice and what they need to do to get started, contact the Master Builders Regional Branch on (9921 5061),