Cel-Fi system boosts 3G coverage

It is now very easy to enhance the 3G signal in your home or office with a Cel-Fi System.

The Cel-Fi system has been approved for the use on the Telstra NextG Network has been created to amplify and disburse a strong 3G mobile signal.

The product is sold at local business Mitchell and Brown and General Manager Greg Brown says the product would benefit a wide range of people in the Midwest.

“If you have a bad phone or data signal then this product is for you. It could be fishermen at the Abrolhos or farmers for example, and anyone else that may struggle to get a good signal around the Midwest,” he said.

“We know a lot of people not just fisherman or farmers that don’t get a good phone connection, some houses centrally located can be in a black spot and can’t get a signal which can be very frustrating.

“We can see this product really taking off and with tablets and internet phones being such a big part of our lives now it is important to have a good connection.”

All you need is somewhere in your home or office where you can get at least get one bar of 3G signal and you are set to reap the benefits of increased coverage which include:

  • Great indoor mobile coverage
  • Extends mobile phone battery life
  • Increases mobile data speeds
  • Improves voice quality
  • Decreased radiation to mobile users

All you need are the two Cel-Fi boxes inside your home and the best results occur when the two units are a good distance apart.

To find out more contact Mitchell and Brown on 9965 9999 or go in and see the team at 180 Chapman Road.