SHINE program continues to make a difference in 2014

As the 2014 school year starts, so does another year for award-winning program SHINE.

Another group of around 40 year nine students will go through the program in 2014, concreting the power and success of the initiative.

SHINE is a one of a kind program that was established in John Willcock College in 2010. The program was designed to address behaviour and poor school attendance of young girls through a structured program of experiential learning and hands on processes set in a purpose built hairdressing salon.

Now in it’s fourth year, the successful program will branch out, opening up at Geraldton Senior College mid-year.

Program founder Mandy Jolley had been working on this outcome for sometime and says she couldn’t be happier.

“We have been working on taking the program to Geraldton Senior and now finally with the help of sponsors we can see that come to fruition,” she said.

“Taking this program to the other school fits in with our mission of keeping the girls engaged in school.”

Both MMG and Iluka have come onboard as major sponsors for the program.

Since the program’s inception, school attendance statistics have been astounding something that Mandy says the program prides themselves on.

“I honestly don’t think some of these girls would make it through school without this program,” she said.

“The girls come in here and have goals and ambitions and we are happy that we can now carry that over to Geraldton Senior.

“SHINE makes a massive difference in them choosing to make healthier choices for themselves so therefore they change their thoughts which improves their behaviour and spreads out into the community."

With nearly 200 students having attended the program over the past four years, Many of the SHINE girls are now active within traineeships, TAFE and several have already been placed full time in the regional workforce at the end of their schooling.