New online safety forum for parents

This Tuesday, February 11 from 12pm-1pm parents can join in an online forum to celebrate the launch of Chatterbox. New research released by Cybersmart has found that 78% of children and young people would turn to their parents first as a source of online safety information. Chatterbox is an online discussion forum for parents that will equip them to approach online safety issues with confidence and increase their understanding of children’s online experiences. It is like a conversation parents may have around the dinner table with friends about online safety issues.

Chatterbox episodes will be released regularly throughout 2014. Each episode begins with a short introductory video to familiarise parents with the topic, followed by the Chatterbox audio episode, each of which runs for approximately 10 minutes. Parents are then encouraged to submit questions, share stories and advice with each other in our virtual discussion forum.

The informal and interactive nature of Chatterbox will provide parents with a fresh and jargon-free perspective on cybersafety issues. Chatterbox conversations can be downloaded and accessed at home or on a mobile device.

Each chat episode provides parents with targeted steps to help minimise potential challenges and maximise the benefits of online use.  For a sneak peak of the first introductory video click here.

What:  Parents live cybersafety discussion forum

When: Between 12pm and 1pm on 11th February 2014.

Where: Log on at the Chatterbox Vimeo channel

The event will be also be covered on Twitter via #Chatterbox

To access Chatterbox or for more information about Cybersmart, visit

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: Gretchen Martins, Senior Communications Advisor, on (03) 9963 6801, 0404 836 636 or