Path on St George's to promote bicycle safety, connectivity and healthier ways of transport

Locals have expressed their anger over a footpath which is currently being installed at St George’s Rundle Park.

Everything Geraldton Facebook user Tony said the park was being “desecrated”.

“It could have been done a lot better and saved play space,” he said.

Another comment to Everything Geraldton from Denize said the implementation of the new path would affect the children playing on the playground.

“I’m heart broken that they feel they need to put a winding foot path directly past the sitting and BBQ areas at Saint George Beach the grass area for the little ones to run and play on is gone,” she said.

In a statement from the City, the path is part of a strategy to improve bicycle safety and encourage people to use other forms of transport.

“The path under construction at Rundle Park is part of the Council’s strategy to improve bicycle safety and connectivity to encourage more residents to choose a healthier form of transport. The City undertook extensive community consultation in developing the strategy. The path is the lowest cost, highest safety option and has been approved as part of the Council’s bicycle path strategy and budgeted for accordingly.”