City of Greater Geraldton say they are not culling Corellas

The City of Greater Geraldton have today said that a media release they issued on January 23 about the culling of Corellas is incorrect. (click here to read original story)

After Everything Geraldton published a story and photograph yesterday, the City have since released a statement saying that the culling is in actual fact not going ahead, despite previously saying the cull was necessary to stop the extensive damage. 

Everything Geraldton was alerted to the presence of dead birds around town by members of the community, but the CGG reassures us it's not from any cull.

"The City is not culling Corella's. A gas gun is being used to disperse the birds and culling would only be used as a last resort. Should culling be necessary, strict procedures would be followed to undertake the cull. No birds would be left injured, all birds would be humanely euthanised," a spokesperson from the City said. 

The City also said that the gas powered gun does not kill the Corellas, it’s fired into the air to scare them away - there is no projectile from it.. 

"These corellas could have died of natural causes, or could possibly have been poisoned, it is definitely not as a result of the City firing a gas gun."

The City say there are no immediate plans to start the culling of the birds but the situation could be reassessed if the problem increases.

City Parks staff are currently liaising with the Department of Environment and Conservation regarding the problem.

Community mixed

Some members of the community yesterday expressed serious concern regarding the proposed culling, and they'll be pleased to hear it's not actually happening. Others, however, were keen to see the birds culled as the damage the birds have been doing is quite extensive. Some even shared photos of damage caused by the swollen Corella population.