City revisits customer service survey

The introduction of the City of Greater Geraldton’s #changesCGGcommunity Participatory Budgeting initiative, that involves the community in recommending the range and level of service offered by the City, is well under way with the second round of 40 randomly selected participants. However, for those who may have missed out and would still like to have a say, residents can rate the performance of the City by participating in a telephone survey. In addition to providing valuable information to the City on levels of satisfaction with services, the results of the survey will provide another tool to assist the community panel in their deliberations on what services the community values.

The City has engaged the services of local social research team, Social Dimensions, headed by Dr Ann Larson and Dr Peter Howard to conduct the survey to find out if the City is meeting its expectations.

Social Dimensions conducted a similar survey for the City in 2010, and Dr Larson said by and large residents thought the City and its administration did its job well.

“What we want to find out now is whether the City is holding its own, has improved its customer service delivery or needs to make improvements in any areas,” she said.

Dr Howard said the survey however, may not find many changes at this stage.

“In our experience it can be years before community members are aware a service has improved. If someone had a negative experience, even if it was five years ago, they are not likely to give that service a tick now because they do not know how much that service has improved,” he said.

The survey will aim to ensure responses reflect the opinions of a cross section of the local population and 465 residents will be contacted which will enable accurate comparisons between the 2010 survey and this year’s. In the 2010 survey the former Shire of Mullewa and former City of Geraldton had not amalgamated.

The survey began on Wednesday, February 12.

City Mayor, Ian Carpenter, encourages all residents contacted to take part in the survey.

“In addition to the #changesCGGcommunity Participatory Budgeting panels, this is a valuable way for Council to gain feedback on the City’s performance,” he said.