Cigarette butt is said to have started fire near airport

Local fire fighters were quick to stop a fire near the Geraldton Airport this morning which is said to have been started by a cigarette butt that someone had thrown out of a car.

The 000 call came in at 9:45am and local fire brigades were there within minutes to control the blaze which burnt approximately 0.2 hectares of land next to the airport.

The City of Greater Geraldton’s Chief Bush Fire Control Officer Andrew Darbyshire said people need to realise how dangerous disposing of a cigarette butt can be.

“So many people don’t realise the extent of what a cigarette butt can do, just like today,” he said.

“People might drop them on their lawn and nothing happens but on a day like today when the humidity is very high fires start.”

Andrew praised both the volunteer Moonyoonooka and Waggrakine Bush Fire Brigades for their efficiency in controlling the fire.

“The guys from both these fire brigades are unbelievable and they’ve done an amazing job,” Andrew said.

“We also must thank Tru Line and WBHO who are working out here and dropped everything to help us out.”

Geraldton Mount Magnet Road was closed for nearly 30 minutes as it looked as though the fire may cross the road. 

The fire has been fully put out now and all roads are open.