City say feral rabbits are in for a shock as they start a baiting program

The City of Greater Geraldton have today released a public notice about their upcoming rabbit baiting program. The statement is as follows: 

Feral rabbits are in for a shock this month as the City of Greater Geraldton begins its rabbit baiting program for the Chapman River Wildlife Corridor.

The council will continue the program for a minimum of seven weeks to March/April 2014 in an effort to control the environmental damage caused by the notorious pest.

The baits will be laid by a licensed contractor within the park where high numbers of rabbits are observed. The bait is oats mixed with a poison called Pindone.

Pindone is an anticoagulant poison similar to that found in many rat and rodent control baits. It is used in these situations because it poses a lower risk to humans and pets than the bait used in broad acre rabbit control.

There is also an antidote available from veterinarians should there be a concern about pets.

Deceased rabbits may pose a very minimal secondary poisoning risk to roaming pets, therefore caution is advised during the baiting period.

Warning signs will be placed at the perimeter of the Chapman River Wildlife Corridor before the commencement of the program and removed when the program is completed.