Geraldton local raising money to build an entire school for the under privileged

Geraldton local and author Angel Morgan has teamed up with charity organisation Pencils of Promise to help raise funds for schools in need.

Angel grew up in Geraldton but resides in New York and is the author of children’s series Sammy and the Magical Sandbox.

She is hoping to raise $25,000 so she can build an entire school in developing country.

Angel says she hopes the Geraldton community can get behind the initiative.

"How cool would it be my the community helped build an entire school?" she said.

“I am so excited to partner with Pencils of Promise, an amazing organisation that is truly changing the world.

“Pencils of Promise has just broken ground on over 154 schools around the world and they are just getting started."

Angel said the organisation is something she thinks will changes lives.

“What I love about this organisation is that they identify themselves as a For Purpose movement,” she said.

“They are out there creating long term sustainability for children and communities who need it to most in the world.”

Pencils of Promise build schools in many countries in the developing world including Laos, Guatemala, Ghana and they will continue to expand.

Every $1 from a sale of Angel's books will also be donated to the cause.

To donate to Angel and Pencils of Promise click here.