Geraldton Airport upgrade includes secure parking

To keep up with ever increasing passenger traffic at Geraldton Airport, an upgrade to streamline access and service is almost complete.

Apart from upgrading and redefining entry and access roads and pick up and drop off points, the first stage of secure long term parking comes into operation on Monday March 3, with a daily charge of $5 per day. Three pay stations including EFT card payment facilities are located at gated access points.

The secure parking includes number plate CCTV recognition and security surveillance as well as lighting and footpaths for convenience and safety.

Long term parking is mainly used by fly-in fly-out workers, but also available for people who may be flying to Perth for any length of time and want to leave their car at the airport in a secure location.

Airport Manager, Bob Urquhart, said the second stage will be secure short term parking operational from Monday April 7.

“The first 30 minutes will be free with a $2 per hour charge, or part thereof after the first 30 minutes,” he said.

Not only is the airport expansion catering for increased visitors, but also hire car companies. There are five hire car firms operating from Geraldton Airport and their expansion has necessitated relocation of their maintenance and cleaning operations to the west side of Gordon Garrett Drive.

Future plans include permanently basing Fire Control Officers at the Brearley Terminal - Geraldton Airport’s original passenger terminal adjacent to the main terminal. 

“As there is firefighting equipment located at the airport it makes sense to have fire officers based here, as they could quickly be on the scene of any unfortunate emergency should it occur,” Mr Urquhart said.

Further terminal expansion to the airport’s secure lounge is anticipated to be completed by the end of this year.

The airport upgrade has been project managed by the City works team using local contractors.

The Geraldton Airport is self-funded and does not rely on ratepayer contributions.