Short course opens up for teams in the Endure Batavia Triathlon

The Market Creations Endure Batavia Triathlon has widened its offering to participants by opening up the short course for team entries. So if you thought the long course was going to be too grueling for your team, the short course might just be the right fit.

The Endure long course puts competitors through their paces across a 1.5km ocean swim, 44km bike ride and 10km run, while the short course covers half the distance.

Geraldton Triathlon Club president Simon Teakle said the aim of the Endure Batavia Triathlon was to have the event as something that catered for all sporting abilities.

“Our vision for the Endure is to make it an event for everyone,” he said.

“Whether you’re a world champion triathlete or someone who just wants to give triathlon a go, we want to cater for everyone.”

In previous years, teams were only open to compete in the long course but the Geraldton Triathlon Club have welcomed the new addition of the short course team event.

Mr Teakle said the teams challenge for both the long and short is all about having a bit of fun.

“The team challenge is a fantastic way to get your mates or your work colleagues involved – have a bit fun tackling an exciting and exhilarating race,” he said.

“If you’re not up to enduring the whole thing, you can always enter into the short course as a team or give it a go solo.”

The 2014 Endure Batavia Triathlon is being held on 6th April. For more information or to register, go to and follow the link to the Endure.