Yvonne Lovedee to jump to fundraise for Dementia research

On March 29, Geraldton local Yvonne Lovdee will jump 192m in Auckland, New Zealand to help raise money and awareness for dementia. Dementia robs so many of our seniors and their families of quality of life. Help Yvonne step off the ledge and raise funds for dementia research.

Donations can go direct to Yvonne or visit www.fightdementia.org.au

Yvonee's story:

"On Saturday 29 March I will be in Auckland, New Zealand and plan to do the 192m sky jump with the hope of raising funds for dementia research.

My mother suffered from this insidious  disease and as it progressed it affected not just her lifestyle but it affected all the family.  For as long as my sisters and I could, we kept my mother in her own home by taking turns, away from our own families, to live with her.

She changed from being a genteel successful business lady to someone who was still gorgeous but needed to have 24 hour seven day a week care.

There are many people who are walking this road at the moment.

My aim in undertaking this jump is to bring attention to the carers who need all the support they can get as well as to raise funds to, if not find a solution, to at least find a way of delaying the onset of dementia.

Caring for a loved one day after day on this long journey can be very challenging and they need someone to hold their hand now and again to give them the strength to carry on.