Midwest Fishing Report by Tackleworld Country


Reports of Tailor to 40cm and mulloway to around 5kg being caught from behind the Fisherman's Wharf rock walls. School mackerel and Tailor are being caught at the disabled platform and from the beaches in front of Mitchell and Brown. There was also a lot of reports of big sharks being spotted and hooked by anglers fishing the rock walls around town, some reports were of sharks in the 3 - 4m range.


We have heard more reports of Cod being caught from inside both the local harbours. To find the Cod look for rocky snaggy areas with a deep drop off you can use soft plastics and hard body lures to target Cod in these areas. Majority of the Cod being caught are between 30 and 50cm, fishing big baits into the evenings will almost guarantee you a Cod just be patient. We have also seen photos of more Finger Mark, Mangrove Jacks and Diamond Trevally that move around our marinas at high tide during the evenings, these fish respond well to small hard body lures, soft plastics and fresh or live baits.



GREENOUGH FIRST AND SECOND POINTS - Tailor to 50cm are being caught on ganged mulie baits from the first point most mornings. The Tailor were also hitting Maria Blues Code sinking stick baits right on the morning light change. Mulloway to 10kg and small Sharks being landed from both of the points over the last week. DRUMMONDS - The end car parks have held good numbers of Tailor to 50cm with the odd Mulloway making an appearance. Mullet fillets was the trick to finding the better fish.



GREENOUGH - Bream to 30cm have been caught on prawn baits and mulie cubes for those fishing up around the resort. Mangrove Jack are being found by anglers fishing big baits around the rock bars and tight snags further up river. Devlin's pool has seen Bream to 30cm and the odd Giant Herring. Anglers are reminded that the Greenough River is not very healthy system at the moment and most fish species are carrying red spot disease and is not advisable to eat any fish out of there until further notice. CHAPMAN - Bream to 32cm reported from around the floating pontoon, we also heard that there was a school of sizeable dart spotted cruising the banks up river.



PENSIONERS - Dhu fish have been reported in numbers with most being around 3 - 6kg, look for the weedy banks and bait fish to find the Dhuies. Coral Trout to 60cm have been hitting 6 inch soft plastics and deep diving lures that anglers are using to target Mackerel along the deeper drop offs. Spanish Mackerel and Yellow Fin Tuna have been thick along Pensioners this past couple weeks with Mackerel up to 15kg being caught regularly and some of the Yellow Fin are pushing 18kg plus. Most Mackerel reports we have heard are coming from out towards the shipping anchorage in front of the Tommy ship wreck. North of town has seen good numbers of Cobia around 6 - 14kg eating plastics and jigs, look for big bait schools on your sounder to find the Cobia. AFRICAN REEF - Lots of reports of Dhu fish around 8kg being caught closer to shore in the broken weedy 10 - 20m ground. Coral Trout are again hanging close to the back edges and along the contour lines, 100 gram Ima Ro metal jigs have accounted for a few Trout of late. Pink Snapper reports this week have all been from wide of African in 30 - 45m out on the flat coral, fresh Squid being the preferred bait. ISLANDS - Sothern Group is producing Dhu Fish, Trout, Spangled Emperor, Cobia  and Pink Snapper. Wreck Point has held good numbers of Yellow Fin Tuna and Spanish Mackerel.



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