Geraldton Dog Rescue Update

Geraldton Dog Rescue is a not for profit organization run solely by volunteers. All GDR dogs cost $350 and have been bathed and flea treated, vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, micro-chipped and de-sexed.

If you would like to view a dog or become a volunteer please call 0400219719. Geraldton Dog Rescue can also be contacted via their website or you can find them on Facebook.

PEARL is going to be a large girl when she has finished growing. She is 7 months old and is a happy playful pup in need of some training. She has a lot of energy and loves to run and play with other dogs of any size. Loves the beach & fetching a ball.

ACE is a 12 month old male large Mixed Breed. A beautiful dog who loves other dogs and is always up for a cuddle. He loves the beach and adores children. We are looking for a special home as Ace is Deaf. He will require a special person, couple or family to guide him through his life. Ace would be very happy if he had another dog to play with and for them to be his ears.

CARAMEL is a mixed breed female puppy about 10 weeks old and will probably be a medium size dog when fully grown.

ROXY is a small breed possible Jack Russell mix. She is 18m to 2 years of age and she is just wonderful. She is very placid, good with other dogs, and loves a cuddle. She would be the perfect lap dog.

SHEBA is a large mixed breed around the age of 2 years. She has a heart of gold. She sits on command, walks on a leash and has an amazing temperament She has a lot of energy and loves a cuddle.

REE is a female Chihuahua mix, about 16 weeks old. Very cute, friendly little gal. Social with other dogs.

LILY is a female Maltese X about 18 months old. Social with other dogs and loves lots of cuddles.

REBA is a 5 month old female possible Jack Russell mix. Lovely little dog, very friendly and loves to be cuddled.

FALEEN is a 8 week old small mixed breed female puppy. She has very thick soft fur and is so cute.

JOCK is a small-medium size Jack Russell mix, around 18 months of age. Dog social and likes people company. Has no idea what toys or a tennis is ball is, he needs someone to show him how to play.

LUCAS is a small male Wire Haired Terrier mix, about 4 months old. Cute little fellow, quite social with other dogs.

TOOHEY is a small Jack Russell mixed breed. He is 2 years of age and a great little fellow. He is energetic, happy and good with other dogs. He is also possibly house trained and very playful.

OLLIE is a medium sized Kelpie cross, he is only 9 months of age and has the most amazing amount of energy. He sits on command and is at the perfect age to start training. He is good with people and is generally lovely.

SHELBY is a beautiful medium sized mixed breed, possibly some boxer. She is 18 months old and full of life. She is very energetic and would love an energetic family. She sits, shakes hands and walks well on a lead.

BENSON is an older male Terrier X. He is very social around other dogs and people. Can walk well on a lead. Very playful and loves a cuddle.

ZUZU is a female Shitzu Terrier X, about 18-24 months old. Cute as a button, very social with other dogs and highly qualified as a lap sitter. Absolutely adores to be cuddled and brushed. Her fur will need regular trips to the groomer for trims and daily brushing at home, to keep her looking good.