Celebrating 30 years as an Educator

Leanne Campbell and belonging tree

You don’t often find someone working in the same industry for 30 years, let alone the same organisation, but Bright Stars Family Day Care Educator Leanne Campbell has recently achieved that milestone.

Her work began in 1984 when Bright Stars Family Day Care was very much in its infancy in Australia and Educators were known as Caregivers.

Bright Stars Family Day Care has been owned and operated by the City of Greater Geraldton for more than 35 years. It offers a flexible small group day care service.

Ms Campbell said the years have gone by too quickly.

“Twenty-eight years ago there was this one little boy who I use to look after and now he is married and has a child himself, who I often take care of alongside his wife who is my childcare partner.

“One thing that you always look forward to before work is all the different stories each child will come and tell you, there’s always something different each and every day,” she said.

“It’s great to meet all the families and get to know them, you form lifetime friendships and it is an overall lovely job to have,” said Ms Campbell.

Bright Stars Family Day Care Manager, Karen McDowell, said she looks back with great admiration on Leanne’s service and how much she has developed over the years.

“Leanne is an amazing mentor to other educators with her sage, down to earth approach to childcare,” she said.

“In her time as an Educator, Leanne has been randomly picked four times to represent Bright Stars and be assessed for accreditation, on all four occasions she received High Quality in all six areas.

“She has always been such a wonderful advocate for Bright Stars Family Day Care and we are proud to have her as part of this service,” said Mrs McDowell.

“All educators have the privilege of being able to contribute to the growth and development of a child in the early years, being an educator is a very rewarding career.”