We Love Local! Ethics, economics and ecology of ‘localism’ up for discussion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This month there are a range of opportunities to discover and grow the benefits of ‘localism’ in the Midwest. Pollinators Inc and partners are collaborating to run surveys, events and discussions about the ethics, economics and ecological impacts of buying, eating, and even banking, locally. Full details are available online at http://pollinators.org.au/learning/swarm-events/love-local/

There are 4 opportunities to get involved and have your say:

Complete the 5-minute individual (consumer) survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/97DWF5N

Complete the organisation (business) on selling local: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HDD5TCC

Join the FREE workshop on Tuesday 25th March: http://pollinators.org.au/event/love-local-training/

Start a conversation: with your friends, at the markets, in the shops, or online!

Andrew Outhwaite, Pollinators Inc Executive Officer, said “We have a lot of great local enterprises, organisations and causes, but we also live in an increasingly globalised world and economy. Whether its grabbing a coffee, donating to a charity or using a graphic designer our individual choices can add up to have a significant impact on people and the planet. Our members and partners agreed that it was timely consider how we can smarter and better-informed about ‘localism’.”

The mix of surveys, workshops and online discussions will give a rounded perspective on the reasons, impact and opportunities for individuals, charities, and businesses.

Alan Bradley, Executive Officer of Regional Development Australia Midwest and Gascoyne said his organisation supported the survey, to uncover the facts, perceptions and habits of buyers, producers and retailers in the Midwest. “A thriving local economy is part of RDAMWG’s vision for this region, and this survey will uncover some of the issues and barriers that prevent more people buying locally. It will also highlight opportunities for local producers and retailers to increase their local market share.”

Featured guest speakers and stories include:

Greg Payne of Karara Mining and Milton Milroy of MEEDAC— on local procurement.

Paula Fletcher of Calypso Designs — creator of the ‘We Love KB‘ maps in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

John Stanley of John Stanley Associates — consultant and adviser on growing local enterprise.

Mark Weston of Bookara Goat Dairy — selling locally produced cheeses in the Midwest and across the state.

Wendy Norris of Geraldton Organised Primary Producers —a Midwest success story taking a collaborative approach to local buying.

Monica Luppi of Hope Community Services — PR and Communications for social enterprise. We Love Local? sponsors and partners include:

Mid West Development Commission

Regional Development Australia Mid West and Gascoyne

Geraldton Organised Primary Producers

Midwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited

Full details are available online at http://pollinators.org.au/learning/swarm-events/love-local/