Huge crowd turn out for Buccs first home game

photo-3 The Sun City Plumbing Geraldton Buccaneers have been welcomed with a huge crowd as they ran onto the court for their first home game of the season.

They lead 25-21 at quarter time with some speccy plays from new players Odartey Blankson and Bennie Lewis as well as second year player Carter Cook.

Their opponents the Joondalup Wolves were first on the scoreboard but the Buccs kept a small lead for the rest of the quarter.

Buccs continued their good form in the second quarter and led 49-44 at half time.

An unsportsmanlike foul by Buccs captain Mat Wundenberg didn't deter the side as their defensive pressure was pivotal in their second-quarter match play.

Wolves don't look like backing down and continue with strength bringing the ball down court.

Scoring range from Buccs new-comer Bennie Lewis is entertaining to watch as the side look confident heading into the second half.

The Buccs have their work cut out for them heading into the last quarter of the first home game as scores are level 65-all.

The Wolves ramped up their offensive plays but it was only in the last two minutes that scores were all level.

Buccs missed crucial opportunities to make leeway on the scoreboard and Wolves seized their opportunities under the basket.

Some costly mistakes will now see the Buccs put in a lot of hard work if they are to take home the win tonight.

Intensity was high heading into the last quarter but Buccs were quick on the scoreboard and held a 75-70 lead with just over nine minutes left in the match.

Blankson pulled out all stops and sunk crucial goals as well as being dominant in rebounding.

Wolves didn't stop their impressive offensive plays and took their opportunities under the basket.

With five minutes left in the game Buccs held a mere 82-80 lead but it was only second before scores were level.

Wolves took a three-point lead with just under four minutes left in the game. Buccs threw everything they had at their opponents but the Wolves made it count in their offensive end.

Carter Cook sunk a crucial goal with under three minutes in the game which put them just two points behind.

But some simple errors by the Buccs saw Walves extend their lead.

Aaron Ralph sunk a shot with just under two minutes left in the match to see the Buccs trail by just 1 point.

Buccs trailed by 5 points with 30 seconds to go when a timeout was called and it was all over for the Buccs.

Wolves ran away with a 99-91 win.