Police arrest 18-year-old after car crash in Waggrakine

1888849_751650048201783_1704807485_o Today Western Australian Police updated their Facebook page with a story about an 18-year-old Geraldton man being arrested after he crashed a Mitsubishi Lancer into the side of a house on Chapman Valley Road early this morning.

"Geraldton Police have arrested an 18-year-old Waggrakine man after a Mitsubishi Lancer he was driving crashed into the wall of a house on Chapman Valley Road, Waggrakine this morning.

A Dog Squad unit was on patrol a short time earlier when the dog handler observed an orange Mitsubishi Lancer with no number plates being driven in an erratic manner. The vehicle accelerated away before the officer could attempt to stop it. Patrols were conducted of the area in an effort to locate the vehicle.

A short time later the vehicle was observed in Beattie Road, when a passenger exited the vehicle. The dog handler chased the passenger ron foot, and the vehicle drove away. About 10 minutes later Police were called regarding a car that had crashed into a house on Chapman Valley Road. Officers attended and discovered it was the same Mitsubishi Lancer they had been looking for.

The driver of the vehicle received an eye injury in the crash and an ambulance was called to take him to Geraldton Hospital. It appears the vehicle mounted the kerb, struck two small trees and then crashed into the brick wall of the house.

The house was occupied at the time, and no one inside the house was injured.

The investigation into the crash will continue once the relevant medical treatment has been provided."