Six Midwest schools will close tomorrow due to strike

Tomorrow six Midwest schools will not open due to a state school union pre-election strike. Local teachers are striking against budget cuts which have seen a decline in staffing levels, specialist programs and other vital elements to curriculum programs.

Bluff Point Primary School, Holland Street School, John Willcock College, Mt Tarcoola Primary School, Mullewa District High School and Waggrakine Primary School have all confirmed that school will not go ahead tomorrow.

These six Midwest schools are part of 100 schools around the state who are also striking.

Notification went out to parents last week but some schools say they are still sending notes home today as a reminder.

A Bluff Point parent who has two children at the school said she supported the teachers decision to strike.

“I am all for the teachers doing what they need to do to stop getting these budget cuts,” she said.

“At the end of the day, if these cuts affect the education of our kids then it will filter through later in their schooling and also when they get into the workforce.

“I have no problem with the school being shut for one day. I don’t like to see our schools getting budget cuts, do we see any of these politicians taking a pay cut?”

A statement made but the Department of Education said the Department does not endorse any form of strike or industrial action.

“This will be the second time in the last six months that the unions have disrupted student learning deliberately,” the Department said.

“This action is unlawful and unwarranted, causing disruption to children’s education and to many families.

Several teachers and community members will rally outside Dome tomorrow from 11am to show their frustration over the budget cuts.

School is set to resume normally on Wednesday for all schools involved.