Local shop forced to shut due to "toxic smell"



Local business Preloved Surf N Street has been forced to shut down due to what the owner has described as a “horrendous smell”. 

The pre-loved surf wear shop located in Marine Terrace had to shut down over a month ago due to a burst pipe under the flooring in the shop causing a smell of “mould and sewerage” according to owner Gail Barnes.

Gail has had to remove all the clothing from the store and wash it due to the smell and the owners of the shop are yet to take any action.

“This happened over a month ago and the owners said something would be done immediately but I haven’t heard a word as to when it will be fixed,” she said.

“I really am disgusted, I’m trying to run a small business and support my 3 kids.”

Even if maintenance does start soon it will be at least 2-3 months before the business can be up and running.

Gail said the Health Department had been into the shop and recommended they shut due to the smell.

“I took one step into the shop the other day and had to take two steps right back out,” Gail said.

“I’ve had sulphur burns in the back of my throat just from being in there.”

Gail still awaits word as to when any maintenance will start on the shop.