Colin Barnett officially opens Esplanade


WA Premier Colin Barnett stood on the site of Geraldton’s newest attraction today, The Esplanade, and declared it officially open.

He believes the Esplanade otherwise known as the ‘lookout’ has solved the problem of “Geraldton facing the wrong way”.

“It’s taken 20 years, a lot of money but it has finally been achieved what people have complained about for decades - that Geraldton faces the wrong way,” he said.

“And it has finally turned itself around instead of having it’s back to the beach it has it’s front to the beach and thats a great civic improvement for the people of Geraldton and the people who visit here.

“This is going to be a significant attraction for the City.”

The Geraldton Esplanade project was funded by $2.24million in State Government funding through Royalties for Regions, $1.9million in Geraldton Port Authority funding, $400,000 from Regional Development Australia funding and a $400,000 contribution from the City of Greater Geraldton.

The area was named The Esplanade in reference to the historic Esplanade Jetty that was once located in the area, constructed in 1858 to service sailing ships but demolished in 1944.

"I've been in politics a fair while now, some of my colleagues say far too long, but over those 20 years one way or another I have observed or have been part of the decision making for various bits and pieces," Mr Barnett said.

"And I guess as you look back over to the east to see the Marina, the Museum, relocation of the rail through the Southern Transport Corridor and the Foreshore which is the crowning glory, and now this project which will be known as the Esplanade."

The redevelopment was was part of the City’s West End Revitalisation Project which was managed by the City of Greater Geraldton using local contractors.