Parts of Utakarra and Karloo now connect to the central wastewater system.

A total of 171 residential lots in parts of Utakarra and Karloo are now connect to the central wastewater system as part of the Government's $1.8million infill sewerage project. The 130 residential lots in Utakkara able to connect to the central wastewater system are located within Abraham Street, Assen Street and Blencowe Road.  The 41 residential lots able to connect to the central wastewater system in Karloo are located within Solomon Circle, Eastwood Road and Abraham Street.

Construction on the project began last year and this is the first of three areas planned for the town.

Last year's Water Minister Terry Redam said there were plans for these projects to take in more than 800 lots in Rangeway and Spalding for stage 2 of the project.

Current Water Minster Mia Davies today welcomed the announcement of the completion and said it was a very good outcome for the area.

“This is a great social and environmental outcome for Utakarra and Karloo because it ends the reliance on septic tanks and leach drains for these residents,” Ms Davies said.

“Wastewater from the 171 lots at Utakarra and Karloo can now be carried directly through a system of buried pipes and pumps to central treatment plants for safe processing and disposal.

“I would like to acknowledge the co-operation of the local community during construction of this important project.”

The Minister said the State Government’s Infill Sewerage Program, which started in 1994, has so far enabled more than 92,000 households in Western Australia access to the central wastewater system, reducing leach drain run-off to the environment.