Ensure your pool and spa is legally compliant

With the summer months now behind us and less time spent swimming, it doesn’t mean pool and spa owners should become complacent about safety and compliance.

With the increase in pools and spas being bought and sold, residents are reminded that safety through compliance comes first around pools and spas and they need to be familiar with the rules and regulations in place to protect lives.

The City of Greater Geraldton’s Pool Compliance Officer, Vanessa Oliveri, said even if no young children live at a property where a pool or spa is located, owners must still ensure their pool or spa complies with regulations, to not do so is an offence.

“The regulations are in place to protect all children. All new and second-hand pools and spas – including portable, inflatable, and above and below ground – that contain water to a depth of 300mm or greater must have a safety barrier compliant to Australian Standard AS 1926.1- 1993, and a building permit from the City,” she said.

“While the City conducts inspections every four years it is the pool and spa owner’s responsibility to maintain the compliance of their safety barrier at all times. Having a compliant barrier around your pool and spa is an important factor to avoid losing a life to drowning.”

A Rules for Pools and Spas brochure can be downloaded from www.buildingcommission.wa.gov.au or pick up free copy from the City of Greater Geraldton Civic Centre at 63 Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton. A free Home Pool Safety ‘app’ provides a helpful checklist, but does not substitute for a pool inspection or professional compliance assessment.

Contact the City on 9956 6600 or email council@cgg.wa.gov.au with any questions.