Stolen bones returned to school

photo-2 A local woman was completely shocked when she came across human leg bones on Monday.

Liz Buscumb was walking back from her lunch break when she spotted the bones in the garden next to the Queens Park Theatre.

“I saw them laying on the ground and I didn’t know what it was so I got closer to inspect and I thought, my god, these are human bones," she said.

But there was speculation as to whether the bones were actually real or if they were fake.

The bones were been wired together and Liz thought they may have been stolen from a nearby school, which was exactly the case!

Geraldton Senior College have since come forward and claimed the real human bones after they had recently been broken into.

The bones are in fact real and have been at the school since 1938.

The school were extremely pleased to have them returned to their science department.