Midwest Fishing Report by Tackleworld Geraldton


Tailor reported this week from behind the fishermen's wharf and new marina rock walls, early mornings and late arvos are the go.

Mulloway are again going off this week with multiple reports of mulloway being caught from Fishermans Wharf, most fish are between 10 -18kg.

Ganged mulies, blue mackerel and mullet strips have been the preferred baits.


Skippy to a kilo and Herring are in numbers around the main rocks and the channel marker closest to the rocks.

Try using burly to attract the fish to the area, Herring and Skippy respond extremely well to a constant burly trail.

60  - 80mm soft plastics have been dynamite on the skippy in this area.



Cod have again been consistent with lots being caught around the 40 - 50cm size. Using small live baits and big fresh baits has been the best way of targeting Cod.

We have also seen photos of a few Moses Perch / Black spot snapper caught around the jettys and inside rock walls at the fishermans wharf, small hard body lures and soft plastics work well thru here.

Sampson Fish of all sizes have again been reported cruising the rock walls, our good mate Rosne is pictured below with a healthy little Sambo that nailed his little Duo Ikakko micro jig.





Tailor have been regular catches from both points for those fishing early mornings, 6am - 7.30am seems to be the best bite time this week.

Dart, Skippy, Herring and Whiting are hanging around the wash zones close to the beach, blood worm baits are catching alot of fish here.


 Good reports of Tailor to 55cm most mornings, we also heard of a couple WA Dhu fish caught with one being around 8kg - 85cm.


The end car parks have held good numbers of Tailor, Herring and Sand Whiting in the morning.

North of Bulla river we heard of Tailor to 3kg and mulloway to 13kg being caught late into the evening.


Tailor on gang mulies from the deeper gutters in front of the caravan park.

Big Dart are also turning up close to the shore break.





Bream to 33cm have been caught up towards the mouth and along the resort bank.

Mangrove Jacks are again being reported with a few more falling to Duo lures and mulie baits further up river.

Our fishing manger Lloyd went fishing at his secret location at Greenough River and landed a nice 41cm Jack. (pictured below)

Devlin's pool has produced Bream to 40cm.

* Anglers are reminded that the Greenough river is very unhealthy and most fish species are carrying red spot disease.

* It is not advisable to eat any fish out of there until further notice.





Spanish Mackerel and mixed Tuna species are still patrolling pensioners with over cast days turning up the best results.

Dhu Fish and Coral Trout reported from 15 - 25m out behind south gates reef.


Dhu fish, Coral Trout and Baldchin Grouper have been found inside little African.

Pink Snapper to 75cm are being caught out from African in around 38 - 45m of water out on the coral.


Sothern Group is producing lots of big Pink Snapper to 10kg in 38 - 42m on the flat coral, there are also Amberjack in the mix with the snapper.

Hummock Island has held good numbers of Dhu Fish to 11kg, Coral Trout to 82cm, Mackerel and Yellow Fin Tuna to 18kg .



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