Padbury still silent over who the mystery investor is


After promising to have an answer on who was fronting the $6billion to build the Oakajee port and rail project by this morning, Padbury Mining have now announced they need more time. It's unclear why it takes a week to hand over a name to the ASX, but we are now informed that Padbury Mining expect to make an announcement by the start of trading this Thursday.

Padbury Mining shares have been suspended until this time, after surging dramatically following their announcement last week of the securing of the funds.

Geraldton locals were mixed between skeptical and cautiously optimistic following last week's announcement by Padbury Mining. As expected, many brushed the announcement off in an "I'll believe it when I see it" approach.

Others felt Padbury Mining, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere with the announcement, aren't equipped to deliver such a large project.

Speculation over why the investor/s wish so strongly to remain anonymous will now only intensify, adding fuel to those who are skeptical about the true motives held for wanting the port to be built in the first place.